Monday, March 9, 2009

No Raiding Sunday

I got to watch most of the race. Can you believe the poor crew member that ran after that tire. I caught my breath when they showed it.

I logged into WoW for a bit. I found out that the time changed (oops), I completely missed the fishing contest. I was not upset or annoyed at all. Because I was greeted by the winner, my good friend, Yig. (Congrats! I am really excited for you.)

Another surprise was a whisper from a twink friend. He has been out of game for a while. He was Hydra's 2v2 partner for a good portion of last season. So we chatted a bit... then we killed Horde.

Aurum went out onto the field after a long brake. So long that nothing in Dominos (action bar addon) was set up. Little important rogue things were not there. Imagine my surprise in a 3v3 realizing that Aurum didn't have stealth keybound.

Then I logged off.

What then?

Pumpkin muffins.
Laundry (4 loads).
Paper work.
Fried rice.
Empty refrigerator.
Clean counters.
and lots and lots of (xxxHolic mostly)

Then my WoW enabler got all concerned.
"Why are you not on?" *concerned shoulder arm rub*

So to be annoying ... I logged in to level my Horde.

It was lovely sunday.


  1. Heya, found your blog from MendPet's link list and think it looks pretty cool. You interested in a link exchange?

    Btw, that hulu thing says its for US Only (guess Australia isn't quite the 52nd state yet. lol). What is it?


  2. is a site that streams video for the cost of watching ads/commercials as part of the streaming video.