Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Killing With Nails

He will die.
I have seen it done.
I have participated.
It has never been a problem.
Why are we wiping?

… because it was a PuG.

I have been doing one night clears of 10-man Naxx. There are few pieces that I am look to get, namely my T7 helm. Not because I need it more like to have a complete set.

This run I was brought in after three quarters were over. We knocked out construct quarter with no real problems.

Sapphiron down.

Then to Kel'Thuzad.

We hit a wall with our group.
A brick one.

We had five melee, but we have done it with six.
We had three healers, all well geared.
We had experience.
We had what should have been a success.

The clear of the four quarters took under four hours. Not record time but solid for a PuG. But Kel was being a j@cka$$.

First night (yes the first night) we spent two hours just on Kel. We called it. But we were determined to come back.

There were a few replacements the second night, but a new group formed. Two more hours of wiping and we still didn’t have him dead.

I don’t mind the wiping. I knew they were all whispering to figure out the issues. I was doing my job. I stayed out of things that kill me. I kept my distance from the other range. I didn’t kill healers.

I was calm the whole time. Honestly I was resolved that Kel was gong to die when he wanted too. Also I took the time while waiting to do my nails. *grin*

There was OOM Healers before the add phase. There was frozen tank. There was dead melee. It looked to be a mess. The adds swatting at all the healers immediately.

… are the healers the problem.

The RL was flabbergasted at why we were having so many issues. So he gave us the Raid ID. He told us we had the right to fill the raid and get it done.

War Machine filled the slots. We still had two PuG healers and one PuG tank.

… was it the tank.

I don’t know if the PuG tank was defense capped, what his experience is, his gear, his talent build. I don’t remember even inspecting him all the time we were in Naxx.

But the new RL paid him 500G to leave raid. I thought he should have held out for more. At this point we made about 200G in gold from the raid. We spent about 300G on in repairs, flasks/elixirs, well fed food, and other reagents. I would have gone for 700G plus if it was me. *snicker*

Half the group was new.

First wipe there was an unfortunate chain ice cube on two healers when the adds came out. They were readjusting because of initial heal agro.

Second attempt was a clean kill and one I would have expected four hours before.

*sigh* No lock helm.

I run with great tanks and healers. I would like to think I am at least good dps. This experience showed me what an almost geared tank looks like. "Almost geared" is not tank enough for Kel.

Yes. It was the tank.

But Kel did die and I was able to finish doing my nails.

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