Friday, March 27, 2009

Burning Crusade Done... Finally

I achieved the title, Hand of A’dal last month.
I kept the original quest in my logs from before 3.0.2 was released in October 2008. This was before they changed your ability to gain the title.

I was lucky to be on that part of the quest at the time. It took a lot of guild prodding pre-Wrath to get there. Even if I didn’t receive the title it was a quest line I really wanted it completed.
I also met my goal of 11,000 gold. It was passively acquired. Made sure I was bringing in more gold then I was spending on gems, enchants, and consumables. *shock*

Reaching 11,000 gold was really an excuse to go buy myself a Centerion War Hippogriph. I have wanted one for quite a while. So the new title plus gold goal completed was a great way to honor Burning Crusade. It feels completed now.

My next gold goal is 33,000 gold. It was 22,000 gold but since I made thousands of gold in prepping for 3.1 I had to up the value. Plus it took just a little bit to even set the goal. I do need to think of something to buy myself once I get there.


  1. Thanks! It was a very odd thing to get the title so many months after Wrath came out. I am absolutely delighted that I was able to get it.