Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Raiding Bane Wintergrasp

I am happy with Wintergrasp (WG) in general. The shear farming value of the area made it a favorite immediately. There are elementals to fear and kite and kill and loot. *bliss* It is elemental plateau all over again but BIGGER. (Only change I would make is the Shadow area would be one-third less and the Fire area would be three times bigger.)

During farming there is the random killing of other players. But then I discovered the real beauty of the area… set times to kill Horde.

How long till the next WG?
Twelve minutes! I will go fish and wait.
No I cannot do Heroics until WG is over.
Hurry up. WG is about to start.
Kill the towers.
Defend the walls.
Stop the feed of vehicles.
DoT everything and everyone.
Yummy. Death Knight flavor tastes like Cheery.
SEED. Curse. Corrupt.
*watches the lovely numbers*

There is a hat, shoes, and a trinket I want to acquire. I need 40+ 15+ 25 =80 lovely marks.

That is all fine and grand. But it is starting to affect my raiding life.

Two things have happened in the last week that I bring this up.

Naxx pet pull.

I don’t normally raid with my felpuppy. I typically run with my imp. In the 10-man Naxx run I was running with felpuppy to fill in some missing buffs or something. We had just been playing in WG. He gets set on aggressive for WG because I am a lazy lock in BGs.

Twice my Felpuppy pulled. First on Heigan, in all the confusion I didn’t understand what happened. Second time was on Instructor Razuvious, which luckily can be reset.

Not until the second time did I even notice.

I could not believe it. What a nub. We did not wipe. Through trash pulls and bosses he was not on passive. It was such a basic mistake for me to make. There are no excuses. Just understanding how it happened.

Raiding in PvP gear.

I ran OS25 with 20 people for the achievement. I was helping to set it up. Whispering everyone I knew. I had finished killing the Horde in WG. I was summoned and went through the entire fight… in my PvP gear.

During this I was checking the damage meter. I was confused. At one point I reset my meter thinking “lag cannot be that bad”. I was in a PuG with some of the better players on my friends list. I was not putting a good showing for warlocks. Let alone for the dps I know I am capable to bring. Ouch.

I see the cause of these mistakes as Wintergrasp. Ultimate fault lies in me. I am not keeping to my own pre-raid checks. These both were PuGs. I need to force myself to take the time to do my pre-raid checks.

This was absolutely a good wake up call. What does this mean for Wintergrasp and me?

/pwn mor

I prescribe more killing in Wintergrasp prior to raid so I can have practice swapping from PvP to PvE mindset.


Maybe pre-raid soulshard farming can be turned into suck-the-life-out-of-a-few-Horde-to-save-for-later-amusement.

Nothing says love more for your healer like a soulstone made from another player.


  1. I am totally stealing that last line.


  2. It 'tis rather delicious.

    Why does Clustergrasp always feel like such a guilty pleasure? Its sort of like crack and stacking haste.