Friday, March 13, 2009

"Old-school” Twinks

I remember the day when white shoulders were an option for rogue twinks.

I remember when fishing gear was rare on a 19.

I remember not being in a twink guild.

I remember Legging of the Fang.

I remember farming leg kit mats.

I remember the thousands of gold I have made on twink pants.

I remember when I didn’t have tokens in my mail after every WSG game.

I remember studying a premade, watching how skillfully they backed each other up on the field.

I remember telling people “just give me two, maybe three people and WSG will be ours.”

I remember when I watched players moves and skill, learning to weed out the morons and the real players.

I remember the first whisper of someone coming over to say “great game”.

I remember the first whisper of someone coming over to say “l2play.”

I remember when Rumsey Rum Black Label had to be fished and was a treat.

I remember showing people how to go to the Old Hillsbrad instance to get rum.

I remember when the trash talk in the forum made people quit.

I remember my anger over having, yet again, consoling someone over what a forum troll.

I remember being in the middle of drama after drama … but somehow not being burned, a skill itself.

I remember defining Graveyard Camping.

I remember having /dance parties in the Horde flag room with Horde.

I remember buying my Shadowfang.

I remember that I have forgotten more than these new twinks remember.

I remember playing for the same joy today as I did then.

*shakes fist*

This “old-school” twink rogue can still keep up in damage with hunters. I can protect my flag carrier while doing it too.

I can do all of this while figuring out where I keybound my stealth.


  1. Yeah I remember those times too =). I have upgraded my rogue with the BoA gear and all the other stuff, but I still have my shadowfang and watchman pauldrons in my bank. I also remember camping out at crazy times of the morning for my AGM trink.

  2. Do you remember a time when twinks funded themselves instead of begging for gold from passers-by/trade channel?

  3. I was that Horde you danced with. :)

  4. @Anon - I keep all my gear too. With patches like 3.1 it shows us things can still change for twinks. As for the AGM... wow good times and great battles there.

    @Kay - If any of the twinks in my guild begged for gold. They would be gkicked so fast their head would spin. There is just no way the caliber of twinking I expect could be achieved by begging.

    @Oath - Yea you were! *hugs* Now if I could get you to just stop freezing me in place.