Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moly the Undying

Head back to December 30, 2009. Moly was sitting in a raid for some Ulduar hardmodes. Unfortunately we only had seven in raid and we were not looking to PUG the other spots.

Morbid the Grumpy, if there is a not so bright spot on a sunny day he would be in it. Even with that if you can get him to smile, you know it was at someone’s expense.

Uba the OP, as a Pally tank should not be able to /AFK tank and go grab a drink. Once known around Almost Evil as “THE Mage”, he is the best mage I have ever run with.

Arch of the Broken Hand, priest that has a tendency to want to shadow. Who will be going into surgery for tendons in his hand in a few weeks.

Alo the New, Resto druid with a sweet voice and no idea what she got herself into by joining us.

Rybo the Guild Drunk, he can warlockery better drunk. Get him going in vent and you cannot get him to stop.

iLock the Sweet, he is my partner in crime in making fun of Rybo. He also doesn’t get to raid much so it is always a treat when we can.

Moly the Hunter, she is a noob hunter who only knows fights from the warlock perspective.

Standing in Dalaran making stacks of Ink of the Sea, a call out for Naxxramas Undying was made.

Can we seven man Undying?
Why not!!

It will be better then farming more heroics and heck of a lot better then standing around Dalaran.

Here is the list of achievements Moly received on one run of Naxx.
  • Sapphiron's Demise (10 player)
  • The Hundred Club (10 player)
  • Kel'Thuzad's Defeat (10 player)
  • Subtraction (10 player)
  • The Construct Quarter (10 player)
  • The Safety Dance (10 player)
  • The Plague Quarter (10 player)
  • Arachnophobia (10 player)
  • The Arachnid Quarter (10 player)
  • The Military Quarter (10 player)
  • The Dedicated Few (10 player)
  • The Fall of Naxxramas (10 player)
  • The Undying
With only three DPS we were 20 seconds off from getting the Patchwerk three minute kill. It was a clue that we were not going to have any trouble DPSing our way through the instance.

As a hunter I was suppose to kite Gluth’s adds. Well that didn’t go so well. I had no idea where they came from. I had no control. I didn’t do so hot. Half way through Uba took over the kiting and I turned to kill the boss fast.

I did have a close call with Heigan where on the first move I got a little singed. Scared me, I almost went down but with some quick heals and some focus I had no more problems.

We left Four Horsemen for last. For most of the run we talked about how we were going to do the fight. With only seven of us it was impossible to do and guarantee that no one would die.

We pulled in an eighth. An under-geared Holy Pally alt of a guildie who would be following Uba ensuring he didn’t go down. It was all we needed.
It was the most relaxing focused run I have ever done. There was joking and laughing. It was a really great time. We were all prepared to fail but stayed encouraged that we all had the knowledge to get this done. Yes, people died from frogger, but that was how we knew it was a Naxx run.


  1. Grats on a most successful Naxx run. An achievement run, sounds like an excellent idea for this weekend, when all the guilds high level toons are on CD for ICC and such.

  2. aha, I love how Morbidius looks like he's flying and possibly going "lal I can fly now, f**k you down thar!" Classic.

    Grats on the Undying!

  3. @Jaedia
    Looking back at that pic, yes that would make sense and would fit perfectly. A better fitting Morb quote would be "The floor in naxx is not deserving enough for my feet to touch it."

    BTW, Morbidius is now an Orc... again.