Thursday, February 11, 2010


[RL] Stop dieing.
[Hydra] You told me to do it differently. So differently I am doing it.
[Hydra] Since you asked me to do it differently I have to throw out the difference. It is different then what I have been doing the last 60gazzion attempts and am relearning it differently.
[Hydra] Unfortunately this new differently is different enough that difference makes me die.

Following is where Hydra rambles some more…
When I learn a new encounter it is extremely fun. There are some fights that are classified as “tank fights” or “healer fights”. Every once in a while it is a “dps race”.

A big HUGE part of my dps is movement planning.

To effectively move well I consider
Boss cooldowns,
My cooldowns,
My DoTs,
Tank placement,
Healer placement,
Life Tap timing, etc. 

Affliction is the least movable spec right now for locks. If you remember I noted with the combining Siphon Life with Corruption was a HUGE movement nerf to Affliction. I love the damage change… but I like to move. A change of three instant casts down to one.

Once everything is applied affliction’s only instant spell is Curse of Agony. CoA gets refreshed every 24 seconds. If glyphed it is 28 seconds.

Destruction locks can plan on moving every Conflagrate. The cooldown is every 10 seconds.

It might be basic but movement is also when you use your Life Taps, Death Coil, and Nightfall procs.

I move way more then my instants allow me. … Why? Umm. Because dieing is bad.

A fight like Rotface, I am killing boss and planning. I am positioning myself so things on the grown don’t kill me. I move from things thrown at me. I watch where the off tank is. I plan my course if I get oozed. I watch the wall spouts so I know where it is safe to run too. I see who is next to me. I watch if the off tank changes direction. I watch if the tank turns the boss around.I have my next three spells planned out.

I plan how many steps I have to take.

That is correct… down to the steps.

Rotface sprays in my direction. I need to move three steps. It looks like I will get sprayed but… I don’t.
Then there was this weeks Professor Putricide (This was the topic of the “difference conversation” with my RL. Granted a bit one sided. But well. … I was dieing and I don’t like dieing. … at all. I use to stay in melee so I would miss the oozes all together and then just dodge the flasks on the ground. To ranged with you!)

(Seriously … they are like car mirrors.)

(I swear that is exactly what the oozes emote at you. Listen the next time you will hear it too.)

If I had a computer that could handle recording WoW, I would love to show you how I move in the Putricide fight. But there are probably bunches on youtube by now.

Point of all this… I don’t know. Except a place to put some screenshots…

Staying alive is more important then dps, BUT giving your movement purpose gets the boss killed.


  1. I do not know about you Miss Lock, but personally I find being at ranged on Putricide extremely gratifying. I feel the independence of being able to move and do what I wish, without the pack mentality of standing within melee. For some reason, as soon as I am "clumped" up with those folks, I feel like I am in significant DANGER.

    Of course, I do run a boss mod notifier that SPECIFICALLY places arrows on my screen showing me WHERE the oozes are coming from, and where they are going.

    Then again, you cast a lot more than me, and perhaps I spend more time running... To keep my sorry ass alive!

  2. Most of the time I concur about holding my own health bar in my own hands.

    Putricide I had, for how many weeks, practicing being in melee for the spitting ooze of death. Then suddenly not. It was a change that I needed normal practice of limits. Which tended to end in my death.

    Well now I can run all over Putricide's room with no problems.

    As for casting more... the ooze adds live perfectly long enough to get great dps off them. Love managing dots on multiple targets.

  3. I still have not mastered casting / dpsing on two targets at once. Although I have a focus target, and a keybinding to cast on the focus, I still have not perfected or practiced enough to make it viable. Keeping dots up and refreshed on both targets is just simply beyond the scope of my abilities at this time. I am certain though, with sufficient practice it would become perfectly viable....