Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Malygos Warlock 3.1 Update

I confirmed it. Demonic Circle no longer pulls you out of vortex on the Malygos fight.This change made me relearn this fight. Before 3.1, I would need minimum healing because I could pop out of vortex early. This allowed my healers to focus on others in the raid.

I miss that self sufficiency.

Now I start dps at 35-40K threat, down from 50K. I may reduce that by starting dps sooner depending how the next couple of runs go.

Rogues can still use Killing Spree to get out of vortex. WHAT is that about?

It was one the few special things as a warlock we had in pre 3.1 content.*sigh*


  1. I really appreciated your previous write up on Malygos and I empathize with the "fix" of the teleport trick. I have had major problems in this fight keeping control of my threat. I give our guild's tank a 50k threat headstart per your recommendation and then start dpsing. Even then I'm pulling aggro by the time we get Maly to 80% and have to soul shatter. I'll then usually pull aggro again by the time we hit phase two. I top our guild's dps meters so having me gimp my own dps to reduce threat (deliberately letting dots fall off, spacing out shadow bolts, etc) makes this fight very difficult. What have you done to manage threat? Did you spec into Improved Drain Soul? Are you using threat reduction meta gems or the Wisdom cloak enchant? Or is your tank just a threat monster?

  2. This was my favorite use for Demonic Circle outside of having my own personal dance floor. What a crock.

  3. @Sean
    I have been thinking about your questions. I hope to have something for you soon.