Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fear.Win What You Doing Questions 3.1

Nevariah over at Fear.Win asked some questions and instead of just commenting on their blog I am posting here incase you are curious.

1. What spec are you currently?
55/0/16 Haunt/Ruin. I have some points in threat reduction which I put in for when we were learning Malygos. They have actually helped when I don’t have my regular tanks around. *shrug* I am to lazy (AKA cheep) to change and will wait for 3.1. Unlike some warlocks in guild *cough*Rybo*cough* I know how to manage my own threat.

2. How long have you used this spec and why did you choose it?
I have run as affliction since vanilla wow. I enjoy a caster on the move playstyle and affliction gives me this feel. I also love the fact that I can cast my DoTs in a 360 degree area. I don’t have to see you to kill you.

3. What are you most unhappy with in your current spec?
Currently affliction is quite spastic to play keeping 6 spells up (with different timers) and weaving in SB. You need micromanaging skills and knowledge of when a DoT was going to drop off. There is also a need to know to the second when a DoT going to drop off so you can start to reapply a DoT with a cast time. But 3.1 will be addressing the number of DoTs to manage, reducing it to 4. I believe that will help the play but I will see if the dps stays as high.

4. What spec will you be taking in 3.1?
Affliction spec, a Haunt/Ruin spec to start off with. My data pre-3.1 utilizes this spec and I want to see if the damage is similar after the changes. Plus affliction has always been my killing things spec of choice.

Side Note: While running lowbie instances (Deadmines, WC, Gnomer) I use Siphon Life almost exclusively. Those runs will now be even faster now that they are adding the Siphon Life component to Corruption. Something I am looking forward too.

5. If you plan on dual speccing, what will be your offspec?
I have dabbled in destruction for raiding in the past. I may try it again. If I do not see a definitive increase in dps, the playstyle in the past was just not for me. I have played with affliction being “not raid highest dps” vs. destruction “best raid dps” in the past. I will again if that comes with 3.1. Once I have decided on a raid spec my second will most likely be for pvp.


  1. I don't know what mods you use but if you are not using it, you might try Power Aura. Bit of a pain to set up initially but once you get it going....very nice. I use it on my Surv hunter who has a similar issue of many different timers on different counts. Just something to look into.

    Gunsnbutter/Cerdwyn on Uther

  2. Currently I have DoTimer set up exactly how I like it. I can easily keep my dots up with it.

    A lot of people praise Power Aura. It is something that I have considered for my Hunters. If I do install it I will mess with it for my locks too.