Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[Apply Patch Here]

If patch 3.1 came out today I don't know about it yet. I'm at work. If it came out great, if not that is great too.

Another random thing I confirmed on the PTR was that the Wintergrasp portal in Dalaran really doesn't let low level toons through it now. Particularly level 19 rogues who wanted to take a stab at a Death Knight.

[Aurum] /y HOLDING ME BACK!!!
[Hydra] You really should not be in Wintergrasp in the first place.
[Aurum] Who gives a sh!t about what I SHOULD do. They were just skared I was on my way. Whah Whah Big cry babies I say.
[Hydra] Who are "they"?
[Aurum] The elementals. Do you know how much eternal fires go on the Auction House??!!!
[Hydra] I don't believe you.
[Aurum] So maybe I was going for a little Horde DK action on the side. They are just skared.
[Aurum] /y Who's OP now B!tche$ the one with the biggest Nerfbat. *unintellagable yelling at portal*

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