Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WTB BlizzCon Tickets!

So the saga goes like this…
  • Make a Blizzard Store account the day before.
  • Get up the morning and start the process. (This is where it should end after 15 minutes. But then this would not be a saga.)
  • After three hours of frustration, Husband wakes up. (I have less frustration eating glass on raid bosses I know we can down.)
  • I grumble rant about how the premier MMO can not figure out how to manage an online retail site. (Seriously I have names Blizzard, just let me know if you need real programmers.)
  • Finally thinking rationally I find the customer service forum, at the time around 100 pages long.
  • After another hour or so still no luck.
  • Blizzard Store goes offline. FINALLY.
  • Husband and I go out to lunch and shopping. (Get away from the keyboard it is becoming hazardous for my sanity.)
  • Get back, site is still offline. But hope is there that it will be fixed.
  • Then the worse thing that could ever happen happened. The site came online, they SAID it was fixed but all the same problems were happening. YOU SAID IT WAS FIXED!
  • Sister called, she has plane tickets out here and is trying to get her tickets too. No luck.
  • More pounding on the store site and more reading updates on the forum. Forum is approaching 200 pages and counting.
  • I end my conversation with my sister cause well … Blizzard said it was fixed. NOT!
  • Passing the torch to Husband, he can click refresh every few minutes. I take a nap. I am very upset that my day was shot from something that should have taken 15-20 minutes.
  • Husband has no luck and wakes me up so we can prep for our TK raid tonight.
  • New forum update, 5:30 pm pst the site should be up. Yeah! Boo. That is raid time. GAWD!
  • For the rest of the night it is Husband’s task to keep up with the BlizzCon tickets, after 10 hours… I just couldn’t handle it anymore.
  • Husband whispers me latter that it wasn’t fixed and they yet again pulled off the website.
  • The forum tread is closed at 289 pages. A new start is made.
Seriously …
WTB BlizzCon Tickets.

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