Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My More Mount Macro

After casually working for the Netherwing Dragonflight the last few months I have finally received my dragon. I did a few of the dailies maybe twice a week. It was slow going for me. I do have to say that a few times the only quest I did was the Booterang. There is just something extremely right about that quest.

Here I am flying with a mighty wing span…

With multiple flyers and ground mounts, I pushed the limits of the 255 character max for my mount macro. To help solve this I use the item numbers. I found them by looking at the URL using wowhead.com. There maybe a better way to find the numbers but I found this efficient for my purposes.

[Purple Riding Nether Ray] = item:32316
[Swift Purple Gryphon] = item:25529
[Reins of the Violet Netherwing Drake] = item:32862
[Stormpike Battle Charger] = item:19030

Replacing the mount names, I went from 112 (26+22+26+38) characters to 40 (10+10+10+10) characters. This change allowed me to fit in all my mounts.

/stopmacro [flying]
/userandom [nomodifier,outdoors,nomounted,flyable] item:25529, item:32316, item:32862; [outdoors,nomounted] Summon Dreadsteed, item:19030
/userandom [modifier:alt,outdoors,nomounted] Summon Dreadsteed, item:19030
/dismount [mounted]

Without the spaces between the different mounts the entire macro is 245 characters. I left the spaces in at the moment.

I would really like to shorten "Summon Dreadstead" but I was having trouble making it work. I am still under the 255 characters with it written out. But I am working towards item:29228. It will all fit... I will make it fit.


  1. I use a similar macro, but instead of the item number I use the bag slot they are in, which makes the macro even shorter! You just can't move your stuff around much if you do it my way. Never thought of using the item number though!

  2. WHY it put da Booterang on da skin???

    Someday I's gonna get me a ranch and peons a work it, and I's gonna spend me days booterang-chuckin'!

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  4. This is an awesome tip! I just have to have a vanity pet join me on my rides, but I have struck problems with that in the past.

    Thanks heaps!