Friday, August 15, 2008

Not a Real Post

After Monday and Tuesdays fiasco with the BlizzCon tickets, or should I say the non-tickets fiasco after dealing with it for two days straight. I couldn’t justify more time spent with WoW. So those non-tickets cut into my blog writing and WoW time.

The whole BlizzCon fiasco effected my play time so much I asked my guild to go to Mount Hyjal without me. I alt-ed myself for the raid. It was a last ditch effort to get tickets through the website. Throughout the fiasco I got to the “Order Confirmation” page three different times and each time I got the “status of an item has changed” message teasing me.

With all this my modem or router is disconnecting both computers at the same time. I am not sure which the culprit is. I really have no idea where to go to pick up a new modem since the one we use is the one we originally got many years ago. I didn’t even know you were supposed to replace them yourself. I thought the DSL Company did that. But apparently since I am currently not on contract they want me to look at cable modems too.

As for the raid that I missed? My guild had our first kill of Anetheron, the second boss in Mount Hyjal. Husband and I both missed it. Both the Claw of Molten Fury and Fist of Molten Fury dropped from the trash and became hunter loot instead of rogue loot.

Thanks Blizzard for that memory.


  1. Hydra, that really really sucks. I say we should storm Blizz HQ and demand restitution! We could even dig out pitch forks! And to make it even scarier, we could wear murloc costumes while we did it.

    OK, on a serious note, that is incredibly horrible. Blizzard should feel ashamed of themselves. *BIG HUG*

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