Friday, August 8, 2008

Raptors Don't Speak Darnassian

I was going about Theramore Isle and got a distress call (maybe distress is a bit strong but he needed help so that is what I am calling it) from Stranglethorn Vale. Some hunter type person needed help killing. His pet was 6 level below his 38 seasons. I haven’t tried tanking for … carry the 2, subtract y, divide by 6… well a long time.

So we start killing Jungle Stalkers for the Raptor Mastery that Mr. Nesingwary gave us both. I felt a little bad. I had left the area to Theramore for easier pickings. But with this hunter we should be able to get those pesky raptors killed.

I start to nom nom nom on a raptor and yell mean things at them. I tank with my face. MY FACE! Apparently they don’t understand me cause off they go. Chasing down the hunter, who kites them… and then they die. Lets try this again… nom nom nom…then straight for the hunter… do they have me on ignore or something??

Here I am in my 36th season. I cannot hold aggro. I am so very embarrassed. The hunter to my back is associated with one of the tanks for Hydra. So I hunker down and try to put on a good show. Raptor after raptor would ignore me after about 25% and chase after the hunter. *growl*

If I cannot hold aggro I might as well kill faster. So I buff myself up and buff the hunter pet and hunter. He sends the pet in and auto shots. So I turned cat. But I still have the hunter targeted. What is that! What is he doing!!!

[Iuncusia] You’re using aimed shot right off! Aimed shot!! You &*^% and @$#$ that includes your pet too! grrr
[Hunter] haha


  1. Phoenicia says:

    I feel yuir pain, luv. We were in STV ourselves killing tigers and panthers last night, and I noticed big Ort the shammy were pulling aggrou off meh even before he hit it! So I politely asked him "The fouck yeh doing, mahn?" "Well, little lady, I'm just tapping them with Frost Shock."


    "That causes high threat, mahn! Dinnah do it no more!"

    "Oh, okay, dum dee dum."

  2. Hehehe, just love the "nom nom nom" bit.