Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quest for the Gold Medallion

Hydra (70 Lock):
The Gold Medallion... Remember I don’t PvP. If I don’t get it first, I never will go into battle. Anything but AV is horde dominated in the Emberstorm battlegroup. I hope to achieve some wins with my guild mates and friends. We run Alterac Valley and to fill in the wait time some Eye of the Storm. After winning four AVs in a row I had no Gold Medallion.

We were having fun killing in EotS. I was guarding Fel Reaver. One of the ladies I play with is a Priest healer. It was absolutely great. She would go help assault Bloodelf tower. When it got hot for her she would lead her assailants toward me at Fel Reaver. I would run down the ramp and they would run away. We were laughing so hard.

I am not kidding … hunter, druid, or rogue. It didn’t matter. Priest to Hydra. Running scared Horde. She would sit below me and drink up. Then off to heal again. This happened six times and we laughed each time.

[Priest] What did you do to the Horde Hydra to make them so scared of you??
[Hydra] I put on my angry lock face. grrr.

Sure enough Gold Medallion was mine after that win in EotS. Quite proud that is was not an AV.

Aurum (19 Rogue):
So you get a Gold Medallion for beating on Horde. You are kidding right? I beat on them in my sleep. Hydra said it may take a few games. Picked up a friend, capped three flags, and wiped off my blades after each honor kill. I have mail… look at that … a new tabard and a Gold Medallion.

Iridium (29 Hunter – Horde):
Received notes from Aurum about how easy she had it to achieve her medallion. If that is the case I shouldn’t have a problem. Was I wrong. Game after game it would be a frustrating loss or win with nothing but the tabard. So I called it a night.

Lets try this again. I have so much fun in there in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. What is different? Then it hit me. Apparently the horde responds to dingbat girl talk. *clears throat* I can like totally start doing that.

[Iridium] *squeal* I like absolutely love Precious.
Iridium huggles Precious.
[Iridium] Precious and I are like going mine. And you should TOTALLY help me.
[Iridium] But you know … only the cool ones. The rest should go LM and BS.

[Iridium] WooHoo! Go team. Everybody group hug!
Iridium hugs everyone.

*jumps up and down* I like so had a pet dragon in my mail. He is so cute I just want to cuddle wuddle him.

Molybdenum (37 Hunter - Horde):
I’m leveling here. I am trying to reach 70 sooner then later. A break for some battleground can be fit in. Well at least a game or two, because there are mines to be had and gold to be made. I am not geared for battle. We shall see how this goes.

Some gear would be nice to help with leveling. I think I shall get myself the Outrider’s Bow and build up some marks for gear. Now I just need a scope made.

Arathi Basin seems promising. Kitted Alliance around like puppets and enjoyed every moment of it. When the person next to me knew to change the flag while I kitted, I know we would win. There it was the Gold Medallion on the first game. Yea I am up to a few more to see if I can get the tabard.

To be continued by Iuncusia and introducing Artume…

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