Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marriage Means Nothing in Arena

I am now at 383 resilience. I am slowly replacing non-resilience/PvE gear with the highest I can get PvP gear. My newest acquisition was the Brutal Gladiator’s Touch of Defeat. I will then start replacing my rep gear items.

My AV marks have been going to the mail for quite a while. When I went to turn in a quest I saw this beauty.Hydra is sitting on a Stormpike Battle Charger. He goes nicely with my Gold Medallion. Emberstorm 70 Alliance doesn’t do so hot in anything but AV. I am quite proud that I earned my dragon with an EotS win.

I have a new 2v2 partner. We are Healy Pally and SL/SL lock. This was our fist week of games. I would say we were about even. Win some and lose some.

Biggest things we are learning:
  • Getting use to how we both move in the arena.
  • Translating the few things we say on vent count.
  • Realizing what information is important to each other.
Arena 2v2s are fun. Even the part where we saw Husband and his hunter partner disappear at the same time as us. I just saw 2 of my 5v5 disappear. From guild location, they are in the same arena as us. *sigh* They out gear us big time. It was a close game. But stupid stun locking rogue got to me twice. Someone should tell him that he is supposed to NOT kill his WIFE.

As for stun locking rogues, we had our first long fight (actually had a couple of great ones through the night.) This one was fun because it was a rogue/priest. It boosted my confidence that we were able to kill a team that had a rogue in it. With Pally stun and my fear we were able to get breathing room.
The priest kept trying to sit and eat and/or drink. What were they using? With no mage I have no idea. But I want to get myself and my partner some of the good stuff.


  1. You can use Star's Tears to drink in arena. It costs some small amount of cash and 2 honor per 5. Yes, 2 honor.

  2. Thanks Tim!


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