Monday, June 2, 2008

WoW Resolution Update

In January, I made resolutions. It is about the middle of the year and I want to assess if I have fallen off.

1. Get Epic Flyer for Hydra in January. Done

2. Iridium to earn her Insignia of the Horde. Done

3. Aurum to earn her Alliance Battle Standard. Done

4. Hydra to get into Kara to get the Wicked Witch's Hat…well by October…maybe. It will NEVER drop. *cry* I am asking to be swapped in Kara raids just for the Opera event. Guild has been nice enough to oblige.

5. Hydra to cull through her hats. Nope, it looks like I maybe opening my own guild bank. Fabulous. I need to find a guild name. This is made more pressing since as we are starting to raid higher level boss fights and I need more resist gear.

6. Level at least one other character to level 70. I do not have one other toon past level 29. Need to pick one or three. =)

7. Blog less and comment more. I am blogging less, but commenting? Not so much. I never feel like I have anything helpful to add except being excited and congratulating people.

8. Get more involved in guild chat for my non-Main toons. I have been doing this. It is hard to work on. Most of my alts are twinks which I am an officer of the guild. My other toons are guildless. The only other active guild I am a member of is AC where I am only level 22. =/

9. Run instances with others. Have NOT been doing 5-man instances at all. Have not even done the Champion of Naruu instances. I need to start doing then again. It was a restart when I was pulled into a normal MrT run to finish the last two bosses. I even saved the day by finding a healer for the last boss when ours had to go. Forgot how much fun they are to complete and struggle through.

10. Continue my evil endeavors in the guise of “farming”. Constantly!! Ongoing quest, I realize it is more of a reminder then a resolution. I have broken out of the “Do your dailies!” that Blizz has done for us. I enjoy farming trees or primals. I do dailies if I am moved to do them only. This gets me out and about and it is amazing how many Horde know me around Azeroth. >.< /hug

I had a good start, but like all of these things it has tapered off.

I still have work to do. I think I am going to concentrate on leveling a character and running 5-mans.

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