Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random Tidbits

I changed my blog’s official title to “Almost Evil”. The best names are the ones given by others.

Congrats to my little sister for getting her BA in Business. Even bigger congrats for getting that job you were working toward!

Go dad for wining an opportunity to go on Antique Roadshow. Sorry, that you knew too much to get to go on air. Your items are beautiful.

I cannot raid Thursday. I am going to the beach. Poor me. *grin*

I cannot stand in Shatt and chat. I have to kill and chat. This is why so many trees die.

Rice continues to be really expensive. It has doubled in our area since the start of the year. Our Costco only allows you to buy one bag at a time.

I finally have a cape that I don’t mind showing, Shadowcaster's Drape. It swings back and forth when I run.

I still send new hunters to BRK. I point them to the videos, which are the easiest to find. But if they are chatty I also send them to Pike.

I am leveling a warlock on another server. She is level 26 after 10 months. She is one of three candidates for my “level another toon to 70” quest. As incentive, I am starting to collect the mats for her mount.

You can complete the Shrimpin' Ain't Easy daily fishing quest while preparation for Lurker.

Hurtful strikes from the Shadowmoon Valley Dragonmaw elites HURT!

The netherdust bushes for the daily Quest: Netherdust Pollen, gives you nether residue for the daily Quest: Gaining the Advantage.

I got a new washing machine. First two weeks I was so excited I washed everything in the house! ... Then I got over it.

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  1. Hey! Updated your link to your new blogger. :)