Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wow Head’s Completion Tracker

There is a new feature called Completion Tracker. It is in bata but looks really smooth.

You can find how to use it here on the site. You simply download the wowhead client and it will collect the information when you log into your character.

It adds mounts, companions, recipes, and quests to your profile on Ratter showed me this new feature. I have yet to mess with it beyond clicking around his information.

Here is Hydra’s without the added information.
Here is Ratshag’s with the added information.

You are able to see all the data outside of wow. In great wowhead fashion it is easy to sort, search, and click around in.

My first thought was the easy to click on tabs will help for planning the next steps you need to do to complete Loremaster. *cough* Oathbreaker *cough*

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