Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saufang and Minions

Minions or pets are fine in the Saurfang fight.

This includes our minions, mage pets, hunter pets, and any other pets.

They are not affected by the blood at all.

My logs have not shown them taking blood damage. I have yet to find a combat log online that indicates a minion (no your fellow raiders as minions do not count) can be affected by the blood boil. If you have a link please share it with us… otherwise…

Any reports that minions cannot be used are greatly exaggerated.


  1. Just to clarify, can the Blood Beasts hit player pets and not cause Saurfang to gain Blood Power, or are you simply referring to Blood Nova?

  2. So far I cannot find anything in my combat logs that has minions or pets taking ANY type of blood damage.

    Though I don't believe minions or pets were on the blood adds.

    If I get a chance in the coming weeks I will test it.