Monday, January 11, 2010

Precious All Grown Up

Festergut and Rotface down in 25 man.

Festergut was an exercise in raiders counting to three. Additionally a big thing was limiting who was calling out what.

Rotface was your own self awareness. We split up into 3 groups with the tank on one side. During a spew only one third of the dps had to move at any one time. A key was not getting frazzled as things got busy. Which with only three of us alive at the kill (*pats self on back*) we are still working on.

Mating blobs take forever to mate. DON’T move back into position until you are 100% sure it has left you to merge with the big blob. You can still do some moving dps at range.

The blob tank did at one time point out that I was “tiny”. The blobs are as big as I am. Making him (pally cleanse) not able to find me to scrub the goo off to make the blob. I was quite grateful that I had muted myself in vent… I don’t think I said anything nice.

I pretty much had this fight mechanics down early on. One thing this let me do while learning it in a group was concentrate on my dots. I am still extremely frustrated in how low my dps is.

Lock dps is lower then we should be. I am not making this up. Ghostcrawler said something and then it was reinforced by Zarhym

No excuses!!

I am constantly looking at what I can do to improve. I look at addons, talents, rotation, priorties and movement. Good places to start are (Help us keep it updated!!) and The Warlocks Den. Of course there is always Elitist Jerks.

Oh! Oh! OH!

I am very excited to be raiding as affliction once again. I would have held out during the whole replenishment debacle but my healers had asked me to bring replenishment to the raids. MOR DOTS once again.

This actually was a good thing. When they merged the siphon life ability with corruption I really missed the extra few seconds of movement. Learning to stand still to dps as Destruction and then going back to Affliction doesn’t make me miss it so much.

Precious the pig dog is mine!

Long time readers will remember my Horde hunter Iridium was the first “Name that Pet” over on Petopia.  (This sent me down memory lane to when Husband and I met in WSG. I won. *grin*) The result was my new pet being named Precious. I am so proud that he grew up so big and raid killing!

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