Thursday, January 14, 2010

In My Feed Reader

I am extremely behind in my reading. Even now, I have over 200 posts sitting there.

I just found out that Abi at Fear.Win was hanging up his lock robes. Following him to all his different blogs has always been entertaining. He gave great information on Destruction 'locks. He would address questions I was asking myself but to lazy to actually research. Thank you Abi for the time you gave to the warlock community.

To all the Rogues out there here is Spacebar Clown.

Thank you too, Forbearance for that link to Altaholics Anonymous that linked to this fun WoW movie. (… and I wonder why it takes me so long to get through my Feed Reader.)

Temerity Jane did a post on … men dangles … called Ladies: Are your mental naked men missing middles? In her funny and creative way it left me thinking … about men dangles. Don't think I ever called it a dangle before, I typically just say penis. The post and resulting conversation is a great look into women sexuality.

Maybe… just maybe … I will get my feed reader back to a reasonable place.

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