Thursday, October 1, 2009

There is Gold in them thar Bags

I hit 76K. How I make my gold.To find what craftables I can sell at a profit by buying the mats off the auction house.

I use two addons for this task. First I use LilSparky's Workshop. And I use an accompanying auction house scanner. I use Auctioneer, but there are a lot of choices.

The goal is to NOT farm. But farm the AH for the mats and then craft that into a product you can sell for a profit.

This is my steady income.

From Tailoring I only make a few items. I am lazy so I stock up, crafting a lot at one time and then slow sell on the AH.

Mycah's Botanical Bag - 28 Slot Herb Bag
Brilliant Spellthread - leg kit, spell power by 50 and Spirit by 20.
Sapphire Spellthread - leg kit, spell power by 50 and Stamina by 30.

I sometimes make some of the Northrend shirts. I stopped doing that since the market was inconsistent. Not that it was unprofitable, but buyers were finicky.

I am still having trouble with getting rid of Frostweave Cloth. I will think of something. Bags are not good here since it is the primarily item made to level Tailoring. The bags typically go on the AH for less then the material value.

A huge chunk of the 76K was actually from Epic gems. I invested about 15K in Titanium Ore. After selling most everything I that was prospected form after the patch I got my 15K invested and 25K profit.

Occasionally I speculate on an item on the AH. Right now I am picking up Tankard O' Terror for around 1,000 gold or less. I figure this BOE 226 item level will be a hot item in a few weeks. I will easily get a lot for them once it is no longer available.


  1. Lil'Sparkys is possibly my favorite mod atm. It makes crafting a lot more profitable, especially when leveling aprofession for a new toon.

  2. Don't know if you've realised yet, but a great deal of money can be made simply by combining materials, for example, buying leather scraps for a couple of silver and selling light leather for a couple of gold.

    It will depend on your server's AH and who's doing what - but generally, the quickest gold can be made by supplying the type of leather or hides that people need to level up.

    Another factor is that often people don't read patchnotes and don't know that certain things no longer have cooldowns...

  3. Can anyone tell me how LilSparkys mod works? I'm currently tailor/chant and the only thing i sell a lot are netherweave bags. I used to profit a lot by buying greens and disenchanting them, but since the 'Abyss Shatter' went live, prices for chant mats went to the floor. Please help, I want my Mammoth :(