Friday, October 16, 2009


Last Sunday I was at the Pepsi 500 in Fontana, CA. It was a perfect race day. The morning was cool and the afternoon warmed up to a nice day. Husband and I for our birthdays received pit-passes and seats. (I have told you how awesome my mom-in-law is correct? She is.)
It was a blast. We got there early and walked the pits then strolled the race surface itself.

The feel of horse power. The scream of the fans. The smell of exhaust.

At one point I closed my eyes listening (btw with ear plugs), smelling, and adsorbed just being there. Then I proceeded to scream my lungs out as Montoya passed Jeff, then stared in confusion as Tony was in 20th place.

I do admit to urging bad things to happen to a few cars. Nothing horrible but just … a missed shift on a restart or something. Sadly this didn’t happen.

Watching how good Earnhardt Jr.’s car was early on, I was really hoping for a good race for them. The Team just seems to get themselves into scenarios not their own fault. I was really sad to see them involved in a red flag crash.

Of course my birthday buddy won.

Good times.

Now some pictures.

Walking pit road...
Watching driver introductions on the track, Tony Stewart. Jeff Burton ... At Burton's pit box he was taking donations for used lugnuts. This was the best souvenir I didn't know I wanted. I am so glad I picked it up. Later, I could not come up with anything to buy. I am bad that way.
Head fan...
Kasey Kahne's car at a pit stop ...
Than this accident happened ...
Kahne's car after ...
It was a great day ...

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