Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Addon: RiadBuffStatus


Mr. Boocock left me a message asking about an addon one of my tanks was using for an announcement. It is a general pre-raid buff tracking addon called RaidBuffStatus.

It tracks buffs and gives announcements for different things. The wowace site also links to a quick video.

I enjoy the Refreshment Table announcement. The mage can actually trick the addon to announce it over and over again by stop casting. … Okay. Maybe we find that funny. If you don’t have the same strange sense of humor it is very useful. It also announces when the table will expire. So no more “Did I miss the table?” It announces it before it vanishes so slackers can grab some food.

When a Soulwell goes down, it announces not only that it is available but the SIZE of the cookie. This lets me know immediately if I need to destroy the one I have and grab a new one.

I thought I had some screanshots to show you but apparently they vanished. I think the video is a simple enough explanation.

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  1. LoL. I think I'll always feel too damn young to be called Mr.

    Much appreciated for the addon. I already use ForteXcorcist and that has modules to handle summoning/soulstone/soulwell announcements but this one ought to be a nice complement.

    Funny that you should mention the mage table tricks. We had someone in our guild months ago who would do something similar with fish feasts. He kept doing it for quite awhile but infrequently enough that most of us didn't catch on. It was humorous at first but once he stopped getting a rise out of people, he started spamming it. It got old, quickly, especially when we all just wanted to buff up again after a wipe.