Friday, October 2, 2009

Beer Beer Beer Beer

We are hopping all over drinking. Fuzzy screens and whispers galore!Aurum still had the full Brewfest livery from previous years.She also saw the Teldrassil Pink Elekk in Shattrath City.Also found some special mugs in the battle against the Dark Iron Dwarves that allowed a fan of mugs. Almost like a full grown rogue…but with mugs.In Dire Maul’s Grim Guzzler if you have the Direbrew's Remote you can talk to the goblin on right of the band setup. This will queue the band, L80ETC (or whatever they want to call themselves now). If you /cheer them you get a 5 minute +10% all stats buff.With the knock back from when the adds in the Direbrew fight I found out there was more beer in the rafters!I did some dancing in Dalaran. The peace should be disturbed by a drunken dancing gnome on a roof top.Since I just don’t have room for the cloths in my bank I returned the Brewfest livery. That enabled me to get a member card from Larkin Thunderbrew for a Brew of the Month membership.Alexstrasza sent me a letter in the mail.
I am now owner of a Violet Proto-Drake.

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