Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goblin in the Gulch

Gavlon over at Greedy Goblin was playing 19s Warsong Gulch. He was looking at players behavior while trying to complete objectives. It was a good assessment.

All of his talk about time and gold. I was shocked that they spent time on the Furbolg Medicine Pouch. That is a reputation grind and can be only bought at honored. Many a druid I have helped with that grind and it is not a small feat.

He also leveled engineering for his priest for the head piece. He could have stopped at getting the Shadow Goggles. Particularly since he was dedicated enough to go fishing. The idea that Gavlon was fishing for the fishing hat sends me into giggle fits.

There are other … ok lots of things… that would have been better and ultimately cheaper. All of you that actually know twink gear stick to the spirit of the exercise. Everyone else, they are geared enough, just not my definition of a twink.

It only takes three people to easily control the game, two to be annoying.

With three you have one to carry the flag, one to defend, and one to float from the two to help where the apposing team is strongest.

From the beginning all I wanted was two others in team that would listen and KNOW how to play. The other seven in the game can be a pack, that kills in the middle, runs in a mob, and basically runs in circle chanting “Red is dead.” Ultimately, using Gavlon’s term being M&S**.

The most important tool in a battleground is your zone minimap. I feel like it is so important it is on my side bar Zone Map = Shift + M.

The M&S will tell you where the Horde is and as a flag carrier you can attempt to avoid them. The M&S will also tell you if the apposing team is going ramp or GY. The idea that you would get this information from actual BG chat is lolable. Twinks have macros for this, M&S don't know it is important information.

Also the “stall” in game he talks about is called a Turtle. Turtle is where the one team just defends in their base. I don’t have the patience anymore for the epic two and a half hour turtles. Granted with the debuff long games are at least a reduced possibility.

Not once did you see me say I needed "three GEARED to the teeth players". Nope, it is about knowing what you are doing that is more important. The ability to react to the information given to win.

It is good to see new people starting up twinks and running them. I am looking forward to being able to turn off experience and only fighting twinks. I may actually want to run games more then once a month.

**For those that don’t read the Greedy Goblin, M&S = Moron and Slacker.

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  1. I will say I miss it. I've since leveled One, and Aisujin might be going the same way. I still have Haonao (who has the Furbolg Pouch) and he's yet to get his hat. If I felt inclined to get his AGM and his hat, then I'll go back to it. DtK has since been put up, perhaps indefinitely, but some of the old crew still has the moniker.

    One day, my darling, you'll see the banner wave again, perhaps on just an off day. Mr. Jo, Jaks, and I might take a spin for that flag one more time.