Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lock Raid Utility in ICC

Topps Ring Pop Twisted Fruit Pop Candy - 24 EaI think they can go suck on … a Ring Pop.

I don’t want to hear it.


Demonology … raid buffage… blah blah blah


I am happy for you if you disagree with me… but I don’t care.

WE NOW HAVE A 25% RAID BUFF IN ICC. In a few weeks it will be 30% and finally 35%!!!

Any … I mean ANY… raid that says a lock MUST be a spec to benefit an ICC raid is just stupid. (You can tell them I said so too.) There is no way that the change to Demonology would be the only thing between the raid winning or not.

Personally I have spent years learning Destruction and Affliction specs. I have not only PvE in both specs, I know them as PvP specs too.

… but Demonology. Nope. I have never even learned the top tier abilities.

Hydra has NEVER learned the change to ugly Illidan purple shadow form. I have never even been tempted. Personally I think it is horrible looking and never have I been enticed to the talent tree for any reason.

I am not saying if you run as Demonology you are stupid. So quit your whining. That is a mental… personal issue. I am only talking about a “spec this way cause some nub that doesn’t know locks and is better off sitting on their thumb and bouncing” issue.

And… No… my raid leads would not be silly enough to demand I provided the Demo buffage. Mostly because I think they are smart enough to avoid the resulting verbal tirade. But I would not put it past them to poke fun of me now that I put this statement out there.

Lock utility is bringing the dps and surviving.


  1. Personally, I run it on most of our hard modes, because honestly... I don't think we have what it takes to do it otherwise... and the peeps need another 400+ SP?


  2. @Faidwen

    Looking at our reports this week you are all over the place. One fight you were an unbelievable 6K dps lower then I. That is unacceptable to me when I know you should be higher dps then what I am.

    As for the spell power buff... we have enough Shammies in raid they can pick up the slack. Your dps is to valuable... we would not have had that 2% wipe on Deathwhisper last night if you have been Affliction.

  3. While I like the buff, and have noticed healing difference from my end, I do not think it's crucial to the success of the raid; it helps a ton, but we've got to make it work with what we have available.

    One healing example: can you believe in the success of our raiding team, when looking at the fact that we do not have a Holy Paladin? I believe in optimizing a class' role and/or spec, but you should still play what is fun to play.

    If you don't have fun playing your class, whatever class it is, whatever spec it is, then don't. It's just a game. :)

  4. Not sure what happened to my previous comment, maybe i came across snarky so it got deleted.

    Demo adds at least 6k DPS to the raid with the buff, increases healing done and allows shaman to use other totems.

    A 2% wipe on Deathwhisper probably wouldn't have been fixed by him being affliction. From my experience most low percentage DeathWhisper wipes are due to ghost fails rather than dps (unless she enraged?) you may find that the extra healing power given to the healers may have actually saved a few people who wouldn't have been otherwise.

  5. Hydra, depending on the fight I may have not done anything... For example on the Princes fight, I did 3k dps, stood at the back and examined what people were doing, only hitting the shadow guy. Sometimes it is imperative to keep an eye on what folks are doing, evaluate the raiders, and make recommendations for the future. :) *WINK* *WINK*

    Plus, it's nice to have you take the *LOCK* spotlight once and awhile...

  6. Hydra, I totally agree. /sigh
    Any raid group that relies on the buff from a single person in order to finish, needs to pack up and go home (IMHO).

    A lock's choice of spec is a personal thing, running deep into the psyche of our very selves. Are we flaming hot symbols of desire that all wish for? Are we moody and dark, heck, even shadowy? Or are we in dire need of anger management, morphing into an angry purple guy whenever someone drives over our toes?

    Dying too quickly, talk to your mages. They love looking at their cloned selves! /vain