Tuesday, July 20, 2010

San Diego Comic Con Bound

Last week I have been distracted by family and friends in town. We have also started a bunch of baby classes. I get a whole slew of free classes and Husband and I are taking advantage of all we can get.

Husband has been going through his comics these last few months. They are right now all behind our tiny couch. They will be moved to where some bookcases are in our living room. Next step is to clear out the bookcases so they can be moved to where the comic boxes use to be. It is musical books in our house right now.

[Husband] Guess how many boxes I have?
[Me] *thinks without looking* 110?
[Husband] You counted!!
[Me] Do not underestimate the power of STARING at them for over 20 years.

While integrating three years of comics with his main collection he did cull out 20 short boxes to sell off. Most of which are things he has duplicates in a trade paper back or hardcover. It is a start and I am actually really happy with all he has done.

I did get on him for having three copies of random issues of the Marvel Star Wars. He has his original torn up kid read copies which he is not allowed to get rid of. But then there would be two or three other copies. *eye roll*

With all the issues we have I am amazed he only found three TPBs that seemed to have gone missing. I think they somehow got misplaced in one of our 14 bookcases… but with Comic Con this week … he is replacing them. Something random to look for which should be fun.

Our attendance has really changed.

We use to go all four days. Renting a room and attending late night events. Now? Not so much since they started preview night. Additionally, we are just a few Amtrak stops away from Downtown San Diego.

This year being in my seventh month of pregnancy there is no way I will be attending all days of the Comic Con this year. It is not much of a loss since we avoid Saturday like the plague. There is no way to get anything productive done on Saturday. So we have been skipping it for the last decade.

Sundays have been hit or miss for us since a lot of the distributors have not been putting there book at deep discount to clear them out before leaving. A decade ago we would be able to go around and pick up books for 50-90% off because they didn’t want to return home with them. Husband may still go with my someday (maybe) brother-in-law.

Wednesday we are picking up our tickets. Before we do that we are meeting up with a couple of guildies for lunch! I am excited. They are guys that raided with us prior to our current guild and then followed us. We are meeting up at Phil’s BBQ.

The Guild panel is on Saturday so I am going to completely miss it. But it looks like they will have the Season 3 DVD with them so I am sure I will get that signed.

My goal this year is to enjoy not having to push a stroller around yet. I will also have to keep Husband calm. He seems to keep mumbling about “This is a COMIC convention, not a MOVIE convention.” This is why I will not let him go on Saturdays. When we found out that Angelina Jolie was going to be there for the new Salt movie. All I can hope is that it will be on Saturday.

I am hoping that Fimlys will give me a list of people to get bumpers for Twisted Nether Blogcast. That will keep me entertained. There is nothing I love more then talking hired security guys in circles to get what I want. I am waiting for a chance to use being pregnant as leverage.

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