Thursday, July 29, 2010

San Diego Comic Con Recap

We geeks of heart and soul have debating in our blood. We argue about everything from Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Red vs. Blue, game console vs. computer, etc. And most of the time we argue with people we like.

I saw this article about what happens when someone outside geek culture tries to … protest.

I had delusions of grandeur this Comic Con. I was planning to go around getting sound clips for podcast bumpers… yea that didn’t happen. Actually after preview night I didn’t spend any time on the floor. Being seven months pregnant made it impossible for me to spend a lot of time standing and walking around all day. I will say that ladies that can work on their feet till the baby pops out are goddesses.

Wednesday was fun. A friend of mine was working the Con. I realized he has a Press pass. I knew … but didn’t look into the personal use of his pass. I informed him I shall be stealing his pass in the future. At least to get into a panel or two. So let’s hope next year if The Guild has a panel and it is not when my friend works.

I finally found a good use for Twitter… to complain about the lines. It entertained me.

I tried to get into Hall 20 on Friday. I was there just after 10 am and still didn’t get into the hall at 12:30 pm. After all that I abandoned the line when Husband messaged me. He said he had a seat at the Batman panel for me. I abandoned my space with no regret.

I was talking to a pair of sisters in line and a mom and daughter about why the line was going so slow. Apparently there was a True Blood panel in the afternoon so no one was leaving. This is why the big halls fail.

Note to self: the big rooms are a waste of time.

For the last 20 years of Comic Con, Husband and I would make a plan for the day and then split up. We would occasionally meet up for a panel or two so I could hand him snacks… or more money.

But this year I was regulated to one of THOSE wives. The ones that sit at the end of a row at a food court table waiting and reading. It was a very odd experience for me. The one big benefit of sitting there for a while was all the people watching I was able to do.

Sitting there I was able to listen to a gal chat about her WoW guild drama. Apparently they made their first Shadowmourne and then that guildie transferred server the next week. I think they are justifiably pissed.

Husband and I picked up Droid phones a few months back. They worked great. We have done everything in the past like meeting times, meeting areas, walkie-talkies, and cell phones to keep in touch while separated. He was able to update me which isle he was in so I could join him if I was interested with a simple IM.

One of the last things we did before leaving was register for next year. We always do this, since it is the cheapest way to get tickets. Comic Con 2011 tickets at the 2010 convention were $105 each. *sigh* (mumbles about the old days when the convention was smaller and was even at the same time as a quilting convention.)

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