Friday, September 4, 2009

Vault is Pugtastic Again

Koralon the Flame Watcher is a simple fight. Here is a tip:

STAY OUT OF THE FREEKING FIRE. In 10 man we used 2 tanks in front and 3 healers. Had 2 ranged dps and 3 melee. I think we only PuGed 2 spots.

We did one pull to see the fight. Which we realized we needed two tanks and the third healer, fixed that and downed him soon after.

Now a day later for Heroic Koralon.

First you should know I am a patient person (stop laughing). I truly feel I am IF I am told what to expect. I have trust in my RLs to figure out what is going on. So I try and keep to myself.

But PuGs do something to me.

Incident One.
[PugLock] There are a lot of warlocks in this raid.
[Me] Mr. RL. PugLock just volunteered to leave the raid.

Sure enough within three minutes said PugLock was out of the raid. PugLock started “claiming” gear and justifying it to the raid. He even started justifying it in general chat after being kicked. What a nub.

Incident Two.
After five minutes people started leaving raid because we were not full. What??!! This is the first week of a Tier 9 boss. Not any Pug group is going to down a T9 boss. Check the tank, healers, and dps before making a decision. Five minutes is not it.

Incident Three.
MY LOCKS, were at the top of the damage. Ok. So they are not really mine. But we have a good rapport to help each other and improve. All three of us were in the top five on each pull.

That pisses me off.

I don’t consider myself a great dpser. I am good but not great. If there is not a person or three over taking my damage… there is something wrong. That is my raid standard for 25s.

We had seven people doing below 2500 dps. I am not even taking in total damage here. This was stated that we were going for the Tier 9 boss raid. … and they showed up with less then 2500 dps. Like significantly lower then 2500 dps. This included a mage, two Death Knights, and ret pally or two.

About this point my fellow Locks were telling me I as mean. Or did they say I was scary? Hmm. Either way I was really working hard at keeping my mouth shut and only typing things. … in lock chat.

Next time one of my RL is hosting the show. I am going to volunteer my services in being the bad guy. I will use recount and whispers to cull out the dps. When you have a finite amount of time to do a raid, you need to make definitive decisions. I think after the third pull and an evaluation of each attempt would be fair for a Pug.

nuff said.

Incident Four.
Just die already!

It is a wipe. There are no more tanks. The healers are down. 20/25 if the raid is dead. The walk back is 10 FEET.

I think at this point I lost it. … or more accurately I let it loose.

“Nice”-funny-joking Hydra turned into pissed-off-lock-from-the-bowel-of-cavernous-lava Hydra. Which went something like this:

“Why can I NOT ZONE IN? WHY can the other TWENTY PEOPLE around me not zone in? GET OUT NOW!! You are wasting OUR TIME while you putz around in there.”

I don’t think I cussed in vent…

We had one more pull after that. We still didn’t have him down. We also had raid starting in twenty minutes.

I really love Pugs. I really really do. It is the time that makes me realize how lucky I am to have people I enjoy raiding with.

Spread the word.


  1. You can call me your warlock. I won't be mad. ;D

  2. First time here, I like your attitude. =) However anything above 2K is sufficient for VoA. I was in there a day ago on my alt who pulls 2200 if I really try and I was 7th on DPS the top 3 were 5k the rest fell in between and as low as 1700. We beat the enrage by 18 seconds but we beat it. Full PuG too. I hate PuG's...