Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hydra’s 72 Hour Ban

Yes my fine readers I got a 72 hour ban.

We knew what we were doing was questionable, so when the email came it was not a surprise to me. Husband took it in stride. We laughed.

Truthful, I think the programmers should just clean up their code. I’m just saying.

Not that what we didn’t deserve the temporary ban. I wish the ban was longer. I very tiny teeny part of me wishes we were perma-banned. I would not make the effort to reroll. More for personal “Let go of MY LIFE Blizzard!!!” kinda thought. But I will be back in game Friday.

I think I would miss all of you more then the actual game at this point.

It has been the BEST! What has made this the best? Husband and I sat and watched TV with me. We caught up on some South Park episodes and checked out the new show with Christian Slater “The Forgotten”. (I liked The Forgotten, so that means it will not last. Also for tattoos don’t you outline a tat and then get the color filled in? If that is the case there was a plot hole.) …oh yea… the best part… he rubbed my feet the whole time.

Also my brain keeps telling me that Hydra was the one who got banned. So Moly, my Horde hunter, would love to have some more time leveling since she just hit 70. I keep telling her it is a universal ban… RP can get hard.

I did go into Onyxia just before logging off to start my ban. We had some great pulls but 2 healers had to go. It was absolutely a blast.Maybe I will eek out some of the dozen or so blog post I have yet to finish. Or can focus my energy on getting more foot rubs. We shall see.


  1. I am interested to hear of the activity that resulted in the ban.

  2. Pretty obvious what it was, killed Direbrew a bit too much didn´t you ; )

  3. @Xanderith & @HolyWarrior
    Sorry. Not telling.

    Maybe *grin*