Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blizzcon Bound

I have my Twisted Nether Blogcast shirt for Friday. Which is bigger then I thought it would be. I have not bought a t-shirt for myself in ages. On top of that my Comic Con rule of not wearing comic shirts was tossed out. Why? THIS IS BLIZZCON. I have a “Healing with a Positive Carbon Footprint” from Resto4Life. It was a gift. It is kinda odd to wear at Blizzcon because… well I am a warlock and I will be surrounded by people who actually KNOW what it means. But it is comfy and is one of my raiding shirts. I will have to see how I feel on Saturday.

I also made some calling cards. When you meet a lot of new people everyone scrambles to find places to write down contact information. I got crafty and made myself some Hydra of Almost Evil calling cards.

I just realized I am going to have to put faces with real names and toon names. This will be bad since I am really crappy with names. Oh well.

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