Monday, June 8, 2009

More Randomness by Screenshots

Now that I know the process is: 1) put in talent points, 2) go to the trainer, 3) Train, 4) PWN. When I started poking around in a replenishment Destruction talent build I made sure I had all the talents actually learned.
When discussing who was doing Detect Invisibility on a Naxx run.
Please note that it was not a lock that compared a Mage to a Prostitute. I was not going to argue.
The Champion's Purse you get form the Champion Dailies in Icecrown give you a possibility of a Champion's Seal. I had no idea when this happened. I know it was not something that was originally implemented. It must have been in one of the subsequent patches. Most days I don’t get any, but 3 out of 4 was a lucky day.
Sometimes while doing instances so fast I forget how beautiful the surroundings are. The priest put slow fall on Cookie and I got to watch bats and spiders skitter as I dropped. I really like action shots like this one.
*giggles* The pally tank dropped right on a ledge and died. *sigh* good times.

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