Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DoTimer Self-Tip

Removing raid wide buffs in DoTimer addon. For lock and druid I only have a few items on my do not show list or blocked list.Open up the Addon menu under Interface. Under DoTimer Filters add to the Blocked Types field anything you want to never show. Press enter once you are done typing in the name accurately. For me the spelling and typing challenged, it may take a moment to get correct.

For me I want to keep the list short. The current items are:
  • replenishment
  • detect invisibility
  • unending breath
  • mark of the wild
  • gift of the wild
There might be a better way to do this task. I don’t want to remove all buffs. Just the few listed and this has works just fine.


  1. Hey there
    I've still to figure out how to remove dots from fellow locks on my DoTimer? Every time I run with other locks (happens in most 25 mans), I find myself looking at boss to see if it's really MY immolate thats up to I can desto him with conflagrate etc etc.

    Can you help me to removing other dots from fellowraiders?


  2. EVIL, Wont you reply please ?

  3. I was trying to recreate your issue. I was unsuccessful.

    I did have an issue a few patches ago. A new version cleared it up.

    If you have the newest version installed try the General DoTimer settings. There is a few check boxes there that relate to your party and group.

    That may not be helpful. Sometimes I find great help from addon comments.

    Good luck!