Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Night Shift of Farstriders Lich King Video

Faidwen does a great job with videos. His music timing makes me laugh (like using Back to Life when we are mass resed at the end.)

I think that dancing gnome right after the title is me. (Thanks Faid!) I deduce this because I am
1) one of only 2 raiding gnomes,
2) the only female gnome, and
3) the only lock gnome.

If you take the time to watch, I am the gnome running around. I tend to drop a lot of green portals during the Lich King fight. During transition phases I am on the opposite side of the mob then Faid is filming. (He stands by the hunters and they tend to muck out the stables before raid.)

I am a little sad. I was hoping since this was a lock view of the fight he would get picked up by the Val’kyr in phase 2. This would have let me point out the lock portal in action. I think on this run I was the lock that got picked up.

You will notice him placing his portal down each time he changes position on the platform. This is a key element to not getting out of range. You will see me doing it too.

In the last phase there is a great shot of the two of us running to dps. You can clearly see after Faid got Defile the two of us running and casting. I think that was a great lock moment.

When we all yell at the kill you can just hear me say “Congrats everybody” and no I am not the only girl in raid.

I will not make comments on how he is an add-on whore and a clicker… which makes him a keyboard turner probably. But this does make me jealous that he can have that many add-ons running and record video without lagging.

For prosperity I will state that I was third highest dps on the kill. Yes, the 34-year-old six(6) month pregnant woman rocked the house.

... I just noticed in a second viewing to make sure I didn't miss anything I wanted to point out for you...our raid leader yelling at pull

Yeppers, we are a classy raid.


  1. You missed my "For the porn!" yell. XD

  2. Why thank you ma'am....

    Typically we only ALLOW a few gnomes in raid due to the ever present desire by many to punt them off the edge of platforms...

    Most of the people who yelled near the end at the kill sounded like screaming little girls, so it is hard to differentiate how many "actual" ladies we have in raid...

    Addon whore?? I had to turn off recount for the fight in order to record... and you will notice in the top right along my Fubar that I am getting <10 FPS while recording... :( Damn you notebook!!!

    As for being a clicker... yes it is true. I have macro'd my openers, and my combos, but everything else is CLICKETY CLICKED! And what is the disadvantage of being a keyboard turner? I never understood that!

    And yes, you did AWESOMELY on this fight Hydra, your DPS and damage were impeccably EVIL!

    For those interested. Software used FRAPS, WoWModelViewer, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Soundbooth CS5, Adobe Premiere CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Super Converter

  3. Goddammit - if anything was guaranteed to make me miss raiding it's watching that video - and many, many congratulations.

  4. That fight was sooo fun! And yes Faid's video is good, but I say moar boobkin needed! :P

    I think I heard me say "Yes!" in the end... maybe.

    But Anyway, can't wait to do it again!