Thursday, April 15, 2010

Your Exit Strategy

A good friend of mine left the game. He had transferred servers last year. I was able to play with him occasionally on my hunter. Unfortunately I have not been on my hunter all that much the last month or so.

I was told how he left the game. He gave away all his gold. Which since he was someone I talked to about gold making, I am sure it was 60-80 thousand gold. He deleted every single one of his toons, all of his 80s and all alts. Then created level 1s of his main toons, thinking then they could not restore his original 80s.

Random note before I continue…
I have told you I cry at Hallmark commercials, random things, and at happy kitty stories… but I am not normally emotional… I have "moments". With that said… I am pregnant. I should spawn at the end of September. This totally messes with my attendance to Blizzcon 2010, and has increased my tendency to have "moments".

Husband and I were at the Costco food court and talking about Warcraft and stuff. I asked him what his WoW Exit Strategy would be. He had no idea what I was talking about.

I started telling him mine.

[Hydra] I would put on Hydra’s full fishing gear.
*Hydra’s eyes start to collect water*
[Hydra] I would go to a lake… Maybe by some hills, like in Grizzly Hills.
*Hydra fails at holding back tears*
[Husband] Are you okay? *with initial concern*
[Hydra] I don’t know which minion would be at her side. *tries to use laughter to stop the blubbering looking like an insane person*
[Husband] Umm. Okay. So you want to head to Best Buy now?
[Hydra] I cannot stop crying!! Make it stop. Who brought up this stupid topic anyway?


No one should worry that I am leaving WoW anytime soon.

I am such a believer of people should figure out how to make their own gold, I don’t know if I would give any of mine away. I may give my gold to my guilds. I cannot imagine giving it away to individuals.

We never got to Husbands ideas on this topic. But I have watched him place his characters in a bed at an inn. Every time he logs out it is like they are calling it a night. I am sure he may have some idea for his main toons.

What are yours if you leave Warcraft for a time? Delete everyone? A favorite spot? Make someone rich?


  1. congratulations on the pregnancy!! /squee!

  2. Congrats on the coming little one.. Maybe we get to say hi at Blizzcon time anyway? :P

    Sorry to hear about your friend leaving. It is interesting what people will do when they leave the game.. Of course, if you've been playing a long time it makes sense that you might feel a connection with the characters.

  3. Sucks that your friend's calling it quits, but grats on the mini-hydra(s)!

    Exit strategy...

    Well, if I left the game I would take all the mats I had on all of my toons and make everything that any of my friends would ever want/need for their current or planned toons until they were gone, then I would auction everything else in everyone's bank, and then leave my toons sitting just as they are.

    I wouldn't give my gold away or delete my toons or my gear, because who knows how long I would actually stay gone? Mats and such I don't care about as I can always go farm for more, but if I get rid of all of my gear then that character's perpetually screwed. Granted, me being me, I'd start all over if I did come back anyway, but at least I'd have some gold to walk into or something.

    When I leave a server I always sell all my stuff and give the gold away, but leaving the game would be a different story.

  4. yay, congrats on the "spawn"!

    When I logged out of my characters for the last time... I didn't give away ALL of my gold, but I did put a lot of it into the respective guild banks of my characters... sort of as a way to say "Thank You." Then I took my main to Karazhan, my favorite raid, and logged out there with my first pet. I was Bestial Wrath'd. :)

    For my druid I pop'd both my trinkets, put every single HoT I had on me, I started /TreeDancing!

  5. Hey, good news about the little imp on the way!

    When I left the game, I sold all my stuff and gave all the moniez to the guild. Then I 'offed' each toon in a dramatic fashion - Grimmtooth Mk I jumped in the lava in the Great Forge, for example. As I did so, I deleted each one.

    I didn't even know I could rez my deleted toons, so when I started over again, I just rolled new toons. Silly dorf...

  6. Not that I's planning on it anytime soon or nuthin', but if I do check out, I's hopin' fer sumthin' along these lines:

    "Last of all Hurin stood alone. Then he cast aside his shield, and wielded an axe two-handed; and it is sung that the axe smoked in the black blood of the troll-guard of Gothmog until it withered, and each time that he slew Hurin cried 'Aure entuluva! Day shall come again!' Seventy times he uttered that cry"

    Details ain't that importants, long as it be song- and beer-worthy.

  7. Congrats on the impending imp! (That's way more important than a WoW exit strat, btw. *grin*)

    As for the topic at hand...I need to think about that. Probably, I'll just log out, cancel my recurring credit card payment, and go write.

  8. Please don't make blog entries of this type again... I nearly cried when I read the title, and it took me nearly until the end to see the "I'm not leaving part...."

    Oh and congratulations Noctum on filling Hydra full of arms and legs....