Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Skelly Dragon FINALLY Died

We have been beating our heads against Sindragosa for MONTHS on 25s. We started bashing our heads on her before we were getting the ICC percentage buffs. It took us all the way to 15% percent yesterday to finally kill her.

First, it was healing. Next, it was tanking. Then, it was dps. Then, it was movement. Then, it was healers again. Then, with loss of a tank it was tanking again. Then, it was movement again. After that, it was not the right people showing up. Finally, She died.

I thought it would be interesting to show you my kill shot verses Husband’s kill shot.

Here I am. I am itty bitty on my screen on this fight. I like to scroll out so I can see the entirety of the room to LOS (line of sight) the frost bombs on the air phase. I do not have to swing my camera angle so much. Allowing me to concentrate on my debuffs more.
Ignore the fact that Husband died. He got Ice Tombed and then killed by it, something about running out of health in there. Healers got all frantic at the end and HOTs on those with Ice Tomb were starting to get sketchy. It is kinda cool to see that Haunt in Husbands screen and seeing in mine that my Addon, Scrolling Combat Text, was telling me I got a self heal of 4303 from Sindragosa.

Off to kill Arthas!

Please, please, pretty please with epics and frost lotus on top, will we please not take three more months for us to kill The Lich King.