Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Raiding Happens

The Spawn in May wearing her "Noctum"s Little Star" Shirt.
I have raided. Then I got sick for three plus weeks and no raiding happened for me.

I had a rhythm going there for a while. I actually got to raid one night a week, maybe even two!

The Spawn started sleeping long chunks at night starting at two months. The nurses all told me "sleeping through the night" is only four to five hours. When The Spawn started doing that, there was much rejoicing for me.

At four and a half months The Spawn started sleeping in her own room. This was a HUGE deal. She had no problem being in there. I was worrying about little things like "How do I know if she is still BREATHING!!" At this same time she started sleeping six to seven hours straight at night.

I then learned that she is a noisy sleeper. Crying or talking in her sleep and not really being awake. I can now sleep through those sounds now! I was afraid at every sound and would come wide awake. 

Since we were on a more stable schedule that was when I was able to start raiding a bit. This whole time Husband was able to raid more then I but less then he would like.

But I was able to raid!!

I was able to talk about something other then baby for three hours with other adults. I cannot explain how much those few hours meant to my sanity.

This might be why I have put off going to traditional baby meetup things. I have a "To Do" for just that, mostly because The Spawn is really social and needs the play time. I'm told that I would benefit too. Unless they are other "old" lady gamer moms with infants also I don't see us having a lot in common. I am to tired to be fake for people.

Then a few weeks ago I got sick. Like really sick. It has been over a decade since I have felt that exhausted from a cold. I don't know how those super moms do it, I'm just working on being a mom.

That ended my consistent two-ish month raiding schedule.

I'm better. Now I would like to get back to it.

I have yet to see the two troll dungeons from Patch 4.1. Heck, I have not even see all of the original dungeons. One of these nights I hope to convince a guild tank and healer to do not so random dungeons. I would like to see each at least once really soon.

Raid wise I am 10/13 normal. I think that is right. The guild just points me in a direction and I kill it.

One good thing is that I am really good at remembering mechanics of a fight even if I have not done it in a long while. This has come in really handy. Plus I have some great raiders I can whisper too, so I can clarify what needs to be done.

Because of my reduced attendance, I have designated myself as Curse of Elements lock. This frees up the two other locks to maximize their dps.

Hydra and warlockery is always on my mind. Miss you guys!


  1. I, for one, would love doing guild dungeons. Randoms would be nice for the badges, but really don't care, I prefer the company of playing with people I like (which happens to be most of the guild, I like to think). I'm just now learning the troll dungeons as well - I avoided them like the plague until now. xD

    Glad to see you guys got better from feeling sick. And The Spawn looks gorgeous! Hugs to all three of you!

  2. Grats! on sleepy babies. It's always the first one that has parents so jumpy. We stupidly woke my first up every few hours to change and feed. (Baby books aren't always right). Unfortunately that trained her to wake up every few hours. It took us 3 more months to untrain that behavior. For our second, he was 1 month pre-mature, so we didn't wake him, he was up on his own every few hours.

  3. I know how you're feelign Hydra...I'm a new mom, our little was exactly 4 weeks yesterday, and in these last 4 weeks i think i've been on the pc about 5 times, and always for "useful" stuff like looking up baby things :/ Every night i intend to start up wow again, which i havent played for a few months (since sitting still behind a desk in the last 2 months of pregnancy was painful), but every time, something comes crying, nappy changing, feeding, etc etc which the night inevitably ends with me being too tired to even turn the pc on, let alone resub to wow.
    I need to play A GAME soon tho, cause i can feel my sanity slipping away, until i can only mumble baby-things and not talk about anything else...

  4. *nods @ parents* The Spawn is now 9 months, I was just starting to feel up to playing. We can talk all we want about sleep being overrated... but after you start counting the last full night of sleep in "weeks/months ago" it is all you wish for. =)