Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It is All Down

Today is the Peak. Cataclysm is LIVE!

We have been talking about the Cataclysm launch for over a year. Is it everything you were waiting for? Was it worth the over a year wait?

I don’t know yet. I still don’t have it. 
(She wore way more clothes then this. She didn't like it, but she wore it.)

Husband, the Spawn, and I stopped over to the Launch Party in Fountain Valley. There was a big stage up front and food trucks in back. Standing around were a lot of excited people wearing black. It looked really well organized.
I cannot tell you if there was more people there then at the Wrath launch. But it seemed very subdued.

After about an hour we decided it was too cold for the Spawn to hang out till midnight. Most of the hour we were there, we shopped around Fry’s Electronics, but they closed at 10 pm. We didn’t have heating any more.
(Kat Hunter looked great.)

If I go to something like this again I will have to have a plan a list of questions to ask people. Everyone was huddled up. But I am sure were really nice. I was torn between worrying about the cold for the Spawn and actually talking to people.

I talked to a woman who was there at 4 pm! She definitely stacked Stamina.
 The consensus seems on twitter was the digital download killed the Midnight Launch Parties. The only reason to go would be to get a Collector Edition. Husband and I have one on hold at Best Buy for him. Since I am at the store anyway, I am just getting the normal box.

It would have been cool to get a CE signed by the Blizzard people at the launch party … but really … it is cold. We decided the 2 hour plus wait in the cold was not in the signatures. Particularly with us having a two and a half month old with us.
I know it has been quiet here at Almost Evil. I talk to you all the time. Constantly saying “I should post that!” I have missed posting a lot of things. I miss you my readers. I don’t want you to think I have forgotten. There is hope I will get back writing soon.** You can always email me at HydRAWR at gmail dot com or on twitter at HydRAWR.

**soon as in Blizzard soon.


  1. I think there are many reasons to go to a launch event like this, and none hinge on whether you can get it elsewhere - it's about the geekishness of the event itself, more than anything. Unfortunately, there were none in my neck of the woods, it was cold, and the digital download was just there. I did, indeed, buckle under pressure. :)

    Looking forward to your return, when it happens :)

  2. "Enjoy school, while you don't have to go to work."

    I'm not aware, if there was any event in Germany like this. I guess some in the bigger cities like Cologne or Berlin. However, I unfortunately didn't had the time.
    However, some of my schoolmates did. I can tell by their low stacked stamina in the lessons.