Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Night Shift Recruiting Raiders

[A] Night Shift - 9:00 PST to 12:00 PST T W F

Night Shift is a raiding guild on the small RP server Farstriders. There are very few raiding guilds on this server, and in truth the pool of good raiders is very limited as well. As such, the raiding guilds are on good terms with each others and members frequently work with each other on mains and alts.

Night Shift is unique in that we are the only guild on server achieving progression that raids at 11 p.m. server (9 p.m. pacific time).

We are currently 10/12 in ICC 25 and 12/12 in ICC 10. We raid 25 man content on Tues, Wed, Fri, and Sunday. The other three days are used for ICC 10 main and alt teams.

We are having some changes in guild membership since day-light savings has occurred. Also, changes in jobs and the approach of summer are changing some raiders schedules. We are looking for tanks, dps, and healers. It's a great time to join us :)

You can find more information about us at http://www.wownightshift.com

NS is a very open and friendly guild. In-guild competition is at a minimum. We are looking for people who want to be part of a team.

Farstriders is a VERY unique place. It is very much like a small town. All raiders know each other, so it takes time to fit in and become known. But, once you are, you're a part of a bigger team than just your guild.

Look forward to meeting you.

As always before going to any new guild ask a lot of questions. First, make a toon on Farstriders. Then, do a who search for Nox by typing "/who Nox" You will most likely find one of his toons with "Nox" in the name in the Night Shift guild.


  1. Not only Nox, but feel free to ask to talk to an officer online. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions!

  2. ?? No I won't Lariel !!

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