Friday, September 19, 2008

But... but... I'm Affliction

In patch 2.4.2 they changed Curse of Shadow and Curse of Elements into one spell. This made two affliction warlocks redundant to bring in a raid. Not a bad thing but it did change the need.

I had been going from a pvp spec to a pve raid spec. I had decided that if the other affliction lock was not there I would go affliction the other times shadow mage. I was paying to redo my talents before each raid anyway. So this made sense.

Welcome to the BIG crits. I was having critical hits in the 5K-8k range. And don’t get me started when bosses were vulnerable. /drool

I manage two dots, my curse and Improved Immolate. Yes. My shadow bolt is on my 1 key. I have not broken it … yet.

My current shadow mage spec is 0/21/40. The first night I went from one of the lowest in the dps numbers to being second. I am consistently in the top five if not on the top two.

I didn’t realize that officers were discussing the overall dps of the raid for a while now. With my huge jump in dps we were chatting about the difference of a utility spec and ZOMG big numbers one. So I was really pushing for me to still go back to affliction at times. After the lengthy discussion I was told “If the others cannot hit their dps without you as Malediction they need to reroll.”

Move over Mages, Hunters, or Rogues … Hydra just rolled into this dps town.

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  1. That's very close to my spec as well, and the damage she is good.

    One suggestion I would make is to find a way to pick up at least two ranks of Nether Protection. Its uses are limited but when you need it, it's fabulous. For example, the Illhoof fight.

    Have fun with de pew pew :)